Wednesday, 13 April 2011

More on Comics

This weekend was amazing!  I spent two whole days surrounded by people who love comic books as much as I do!

However, the best part of it was the panel I went to on Saturday morning about Breaking into Comics.  Editors, artists and a writer from Marvel (you know, the X-Men and Wolverine people!) were there, talking honestly and openly about what it took for them to get into the field.  The most fascinating part was that it seems no two people take the same route in!  For some of them it was something they "fell" into on the back of creative works in other industries, and for others it was something they had fought for since they first discovered comics.

There were two things, however, that stuck with me.  The first is that, as a writer, I'm going to struggle to get into comic books without an artist to work with.  My script may be the greatest thing ever, but without the visuals to make it easier to read, no editor is even going to bother.  They have too many scripts to read that they've requested, so there is little to no chance that they'll have the time to read my unsolicited one.

The second thing that I will remember is from the writer Kieron Gillen whose two pieces of advice were simply to "Do Stuff" and "Not Mess Up".  They remind me of a quote I read when I was just starting out writing that said "If you write, you're a writer".

Words for all of us to live by, I guess!

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  1. I can "do stuff", it's the "not messing up" I have a problem with.