Sunday, 29 January 2012

Suite 101 and Real Life

When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.  Or in my case, when life hands you a redundancy, use it as an excuse to get writing again.

On Friday, my world got spun on its axis and I found myself sitting at home with no job.  I'm not going to get all depressed about it because I have faith in myself that I'll find something else soon enough.  It's just a small setback right now.  Oh, and if you know of anyone in West Yorkshire, UK, who needs a data analyst, please pass my name on!

So in the spirit of making the most of my "freetime", I applied to be a freelance article writer on  I'd never considered writing non-fiction before, but I figured that if nothing else, it would give me some experience that I could use in the future.

I got accepted and my first article went live today!  I'm quite ridiculously excited by it, to be honest.

This particular article is about writing Twitter Fiction - which is a bit of a passion of mine.  If you get a chance, please pop on over and see what you think!  For future reference, all of my articles can be found on my profile page there.